Trade Packs

These packs are designed for Tradesman - Any mix and quantity of replacement bleed screws are availble on request.

30 x Most Comon     Bleed Screw

This box contains 30 of the most comon Bleed Screws.


40 x Mixed Pack               8 Types Bleed Screw

This box contains 40 Bleed Screws, 8 different types to fit 95% of steel radiators.


75 x Ulimate Mixed Pack 14 Types Bleed Screw

This is box coantains 75 Bleed Screws, 14 different types which covers Cast Iron and Steel Radiators

Most Common -       Various Pack Size

Most Common Bleed Screw


Myson Radiators -              Various Pack Size

Genuine Myson Nipple / Housing / Valve <2003 Radiators. 

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