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Replacement Radiator Bleed Screws  - Below you will find nearly every bleed screw that was ever made for Cast Iron and Steel Radiators New and Old. 


Each Radiator Bleed Screw below has all the measurements that you need to work out which bleed screw will fit your radiator. It still can be hard to work out which Radiator Bleed Screw will be suitable.


We have produced a multi pack to help you. Please hit link below to find out more.

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Myson Bleed Nipple & Housing

AIr vent (bleeder) for new style Myson central heating radiators (made after June 2003)

Measures 11mm across the flats of the hexagonal part, the screw thread has a diameter of 7mm.

Does NOT fit any other brand of radiator.

Myson Bleed nipple on radiator painted white

This is what it looks like in use, this is white, as it was fitted in the factory and then painted white aling with the radiator.

RR013 - TYPE 13

Myson Premier HE Radiators Bleed Screw
Used Only On Myson Premier HE Radiators




RR014 - TYPE 14




RR015 - TYPE 15 

Cast Iron Radiators - Chunky 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 7 Column 


RR016 - TYPE 16


RR017 - TYPE 17


RR018 - TYPE 18


RR019 - TYPE 19


RR020 - TYPE 20


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